Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of a Star

Gift-giving can be pretty tricky. Unless you really know a person, you never can tell if the gift is a good choice. Still, there are some unique ways to show people that you appreciate them. For example, you can name a star after them.



 The Most Important Things to Know About Star Registry


Are you telling me I can name a star after someone? Yes, you can officially register a star using any name you want. It can be a breathtaking way to show someone how much they mean to you. Plus, you can choose from different options. That way, you can make the gift perfect for them.



 Multiple Options Are Available


Of course, the night sky is inundated with constellations. Each of those is composed of many millions of stars. We keep track of them from the earth using astronomy. Now, you can put your claim on one of them. The following options let you decide which one.


3 Different Options

  • Deluxe Package: This package lets you pick a star to name. Then, you receive a star map with your star’s location. That way, you can always find it when the sky is bright with constellations.
  • Supernova Package: Supernovae are some of the brightest astronomical bodies in the sky. Other than the moon and our sun, nothing shines brighter. Supernovae are born after the death of an old star.
  • Twin Stars Package: Did you know that not all solar systems have a single star? Sometimes two stars orbit each other. This is called a binary star system. Name both of them, so you and your loved ones are always together in the far reaches of outer space.



 Why Should You Give a Star as a Gift


What would make someone decide this is the perfect gift? Well, there are more than enough reasons for us. See if you can’t find one that speaks to you.



The Stars Are Visible:

It would be pointless to name something you never see. Any stars you pick are guaranteed to be visible.



You Receive a Star Chart:

You won’t have to guess which star is yours. Thanks to the star chart, you can easily locate your star among the constellations. Plus, you can show all of your friends too.



Stars Always Stick Around:

Most gifts do not last forever. Eventually, they all disappear. Unlike other gifts, a star is going to stick around long after you and your loved ones are gone. That way, they never forget your appreciation.