Best Iron Comal Pans (for tortillas)

What is a Comal Pan?


Originally from the Mexican culture, a comal is a type of pan that is made out of iron, it is usually heavy, and it is used for various types of food. Due to its heavy nature, it can move around as it is cooking. This type of pan’s main usage is heating or cooking tortillas.

Upon tons of testing and searching reviews, experts discovered a few contenders for the title “best comal pan“. These pans are preseasoned, so you can get right to cooking your favorite meals for you and your family. Also, these pans are seasoned with natural products, like vegetable oil. No chemically based product was used to preseasoned these pans.

These comal pans are easy to clean, and in some cases, you may have to re-season one or two of these comal pans. Instructions on how to maintain these products are usually included, but please take note not to microwave these pans. So, without further ado, the following are five of the best cast iron comal pans in the market:


1. The Overall Best is Lodge P14P3 Large Cast Iron Comal

This cooking pan is produced by a company that has been around since the 1800s, and it is called the Lodge Cast Iron in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. This device is perfect for cooking on ovens, stovetops, and campfires. It also has a broad surface area with a relatively thinner wall surrounding this area.


2. The Best Multi-Purpose Comal Griddle is the Victoria GDL-186 Cast Iron Round Pan

This comal pan is made through a company established in the early 1930s called the Victoria Cookware. This pan’s main feature is 10.5 inches of cast iron. This feature allows for great retention and distribution of heat to evenly cook your food. Also, you can keep food warm for over 15 minutes.


3. The Best High-End is the Preseasoned Mexican Tortilla Cast Iron Griddle

This Mexican griddle with 9.5 inches of cast iron causes it to be heavy and suitable for various purposes, including increasing the flavor in soft tortillas, retaining heat in the food for a long time, and maintaining an even heat distribution on food in the comal.

This tool also has a long handle that is helpful for different reasons. The long handle is good for balancing the comal while cooking. You also can safely move the comal from the stove to the table to serve the food without burning your fingers. The comal pan can also withstand up to 500F in an oven.


4. The Best Designed Comal is the IMUSA USA IMU-186W Preseasoned Cast Iron Comal

The IMUSA USA IMU-186W can also withstand tons of heat- up to 500F. It contains 9.5 inches of cast iron. Its very appealing design allows for easy usage where you can use to long handle for easier and safer maneuvering. You also can easily turn the comal pan around while cooking. Also, the food can stay warm for a long time, and you can prepare vegetables, beef, pizza, tortillas, chicken, and more on stoves, campfires, and the oven.


5. The Best Affordable Comal Pan is Lodge L90G3ASHH41B Cast Iron Griddle and Hot Handle Holder

Another wonderful comal pan from the Lodge Company, this pan contains .5 inches in thickness and 10.5 inches in diameter thus allowing longer, heat-retaining times.