Driving in Australia with Foreign Driver’s License

Driving in Australia

Visiting another country can come with its own challenges however when it comes to driving in that country, there are certain steps and precautions one must take. When traveling to Australia, it is easy to rent a vehicle if you are coming from other countries however ensuring you have the proper license is crucial to your visit. Currently, only those with temporary visa holders including visas, tourist visits, business visas, work bases, and non-PR, or citizens are allowed to drive with an original overseas driver’s license. An international driving permit will also allow you to drive in Australia however China is not part of the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) and does not recognize international driving permits.


International Driving Permits

Obtaining an International Driving permit can still be possible for individuals coming from China. If you are looking for a driver’s permit and from mainland China, you can apply for the Hong Kong driver’s license and then for an international driving permit. However, there is a lot of criteria that must be met and the fee for the international driving permit is steep. The criteria are you must complete for TD 51, hold a Hong Kong Identity Card, two forms of identification and show proof of address. The fee for international drivers’ licenses is $80


Driver’s License Translation to English

Driving in Australia with an overseas license will depend on what part of Australia you are going to visit. On mainland Australia, you must carry your foreign driver’s license, and have it also written in English or have an international driving permit with your foreign driver’s license that is not in English. Other states that require the foreign license to be translated into English include South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia There are other states within Australia where just the foreign driver’s license is accepted as long as you are a temporary visitor such as New South Wales, Northern Territory, and Queensland. The best bet is to check the country and state in which you are visiting to make sure you will arrive with the proper documentation. Since the Chinese language has letters with the same sounds and meanings, it is important to have this 驾照翻译 prior to arriving. In the event you need to have your license translated to English, this can be done online for a small fee and a turnaround time of 24 hours. If you do not wish to proceed with the translation online, a translator can also assist you with a certified translation. This fee varies depending on what country you are from.