Why do women own so many handbags?

Have you ever wondered why women own so many handbags? Well, the answer to the question isn’t as complicated or simple as you think it is. Women like to look good by nature, as they were born with a keen eye for fashion. It is also necessary to consider that the fashion world is changing, and so is every woman with each day that passes. Hence, one handbag isn’t enough for the average woman, but there are more reasons for the existence of multiple handbags in every woman’s wardrobe.

Let’s dive into the three big reasons why women own multiple handbags and why they are so important in their lives.

1.    Status

Being current with the latest trends is quite important in the latest days. It gives you status, and it feels very nice to show off that you got the latest กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง by Chanel, or perhaps that beautiful handbag that Taylor Swift was wearing not long ago. Whether it is mimicking their idol or staying current with the latest trends, most women are always looking forward to updating their wardrobe with the latest tendencies in the fashion world.

2.    Matching their outfit

Although it’s not always necessary, matching your outfit is always a must. Most people wear accessories to complement their outfit, and a handbag can either make or break the style.

However, here it is also important to take into account the context. Instead of carrying an oversized handbag to a wedding, a clutch can be more appropriate for the occasion and can help you be more comfortable through the evening.

This way, women often need to have diverse handbag options available so they can match their outfits and make them appropriate for the occasion.

3.    Comfort and size

Handbags are more than fashion statements. They’re functional items that can help a woman carry some of the items they use the most throughout the day.

It’s also worth noting that our needs change on a daily basis. Hence, a woman needs a handbag that can help her carry the items she needs for that specific occasion. For instance, if you’re going to a formal party, a clutch you carry around in your hand can help may be the best option.

As for comfort, it also depends on the occasion and what you need at the moment. There are different style options, including:

  • Cross-body style: You can easily wear them by crossing them over your chest, allowing you to access your belongings easily and leaving your hands free.
  • Shoulder bags: These bags are more common than others. It’s the typical handbag style. You can find them in multiple styles, sizes and designs.
  • Clutches: As mentioned, they are lightweight, and since most of them have no handle, you need to carry them in your hand constantly. Clutches are more appropriate for formal occasions, as we’ve already explained.


Women owning multiple handbags isn’t something new, and the habit is already part of our culture. The reasons explained here are why these items are so essential in our everyday lives.