What synthetic material are life-sized ‘love dolls’ made of?

The demand for synthetic dolls has never been as high as they are today, as many people seek inhuman comforts similar to what a human will provide. Currently, there are different types of materials used in making these life-sized dolls to give them a human appeal.

From dolls priced at hundreds of dollars to high-end models costing thousands of dollars, the price of the dolls depends on the quality of materials used to make them. In this short article, we point out the different types of synthetic materials used to make life-sized dolls.


Platinum Silica

Platinum Silica dolls are dolls that are coated with silica gel. The gel has two components that serve as a molding and vulcanizing agents. Manufacturers prefer this material because it is very durable, odorless, and very easy to clean.

Dolls made with this material have non-toxic and stainless exteriors and tend to last very long due to their weather protection qualities. Since they are widely used in the medical and sanitary industries without any type of complications, using them to make 성인용품 have proven to be a great choice for manufacturers who use them. If you go for a sex doll made with this material, rest assured that the model will last for years and pose no risk to your health.


Another very popular synthetic material used for making love dolls is silicone. This material has been in use for a very long time and is a durable material used in many industries. In addition, silicone as a material is odorless, safe, and compatible with diverse gels and lubricants.

Silicone love dolls are white expensive because they are high-quality dolls and some of the best in the market. They tend to have a life-like appeal and look like the real deal. Furthermore, they are very durable and will not suffer wear and tear anytime soon.



TPE refers to Thermoplastic Elastomer and is another common material. TPE dolls have very soft and lush skin, just like human skin. The rubber component of TPE is highly resilient and durable, and useful for making dolls of different shapes and sizes.

Some of the characteristics of a TPE doll include temperature resistance, soft feel, and color flexibility. Manufacturers who use TPE rank its low cost as one of the determining factors, among other factors. Moreover, TPE is also Compatible with other materials like silicone, plastic, Silica gel, and other materials.


ABS Plastic

Some of the first life-sized dolls ever made were adaptations of fashion mannequins. Life-sized dolls made of ABS plastic are safe and adaptable. They are also far more durable than silicone dolls or dolls made with inflatable rubber

Many buyers who do not place a premium on body texture but rather on appearance prefer ABS dolls



There are different materials used to make life-sized dolls, but these are some of the most popular synthetic materials used today.