Protection, Versatility and Style: Why Your Truck Needs a Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


Of course, a roll-up tonneau cover protects your cargo from the elements. You know this. The temptation to save money by evading bad weather haunts the best of us. Helping a friend move in the rain will change your mind quickly. Life happens fast and doesn’t wait for you to prepare. Show up ready. Sometimes, the protection isn’t between your cargo and the elements, but between your cargo and you. Ever have a dog play in the mud or get sprayed by a skunk? Are you a hunter? Do you plan to put the ducks, fish or trophy buck in the cab with you? Sure, you can put wild game in an open box, shut the tailgate and call it good…or, easily secure your hard-earned tags. Protection also means security. Moving across the country means stopping at rest stops and hotels. Rather than hope no one steals from you, keep the cover down and lock the tailgate. Although not completely secure, keeping your cargo out of sight takes “easy target” off the table. Do yourself a favor: quit messing with tarps, bungee cords and arm-fulls of valuables up hotel stairs and get a tonneau cover.



Having a tonneau cover on your truck provides versatility by allowing you to choose the level of protection. Keep it completely closed for ultimate protection or when moving small items, you don’t want to fly out the back. This also allows you to lock your tailgate, keeping your cargo secure. Hauling fragile items, you don’t want messed up by wind becomes quick and easy. Need to haul long pieces of wood on a misty day? Open the tailgate but keep the tonneau cover closed. Or unroll just a small section. This provides a good deal of protection while still allowing transportation of longer items. What about large items? With a roll-up tonneau cover, large items are no problem. Roll it all the way back, secure in place and load away. Roll up tonneau covers for truck allow you to choose the level of protection for your situation.



Versatility in protection also provides your choice of style. A completely closed tonneau cover just looks right. It provides a sleek profile which perfectly buttons up your ride. If buttoned up isn’t your thing today, roll it back and let the wind blow! Remember your grandpa’s truck? Sometimes rolling with an open box soothes the soul. Or you have a bunch of friends who want to ride in the back during a softball game or trip to the lake. Show off that new motocross bike or snowmobile with an open cover. Whether today means business or pleasure, a roll-up tonneau cover can accommodate.