2021’s Best Women Watches

Bell & Ross and Blancpain

This watch brand originated from France, and it prioritizes functionality. The French brand is motivated by aviation to look chic and sporty because the channel the 60’ Mod style. Bell & Ross has unique features including; visible screws, white detailing, and some square faces. The timepiece is unique for women, especially the ones engaged in an active life with an androgynous, fresh sense of fashion. Bell & Ross is perfect for women who are not concerned about the oversized appearance. Blancpain has a Swiss heritage that originated in 1735 but managed to produce the first automatic women’s wristwatch in 1930. Blancpain is a dominant timepiece that has evolved to be the most beautiful and outstanding models any woman can wear. The brands are conspicuously feminine because they have diamond-halo appearances, the monsoon calendar, rose gold casing, pearl dials, and slender hands. Some watches are even dedicated to Valentine’s Days only. Blancpain does not emulate the men’s options in any way, instead, they have a bold look.

Vacheron Constantin and Ulysse Nardin

Swiss heritage seems to be the ultimate source of cozy watch brands, and Vacheron Constantin is among the native manufacturers. The company has been making ladies watches since the 19th century, and their designs are modern fashioned. the heritage makes the timepieces unique and contemporary because of the elegant feel. This brand is perfect for any woman who desires a classic, perfectly tailored, and luxurious lifestyle. Ulysse Nardin has a unique logo that pays tribute to its maritime background. Ulysse Nardin’s timepieces are quite accurate in longitude determination while at any water body like a sea or ocean. This aspect has drawn massive accolades to the brand for approximately 150 years of existence. The brand has been embraced by many women navies who sail or even dive, and an innovative design is all they need.

Longines and Piaget

For women seeking elegance in 2021, Longines should be prioritized. The men’s option is a bit heavier and more inclined to sports, but the women’s Longines are quite luxurious and gracious. The brands are understated and have a sleek design, and bear a lightweight feeling. The La Grande Classique is a perfect example of Longines. It has a white face of stainless steel with a chain strap that grounds the general appearance and makes it ready and suitable for wear any day. On wearing the Longines, no one wishes to take it off. Piaget is famous for the ultra-slim nature. The brand entails comfort and elegance that all women dream of. The unique Piaget look is developed by the Altiplano design that has exclusive product lines for women. Therefore, you can select from the different curves out there.